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Smash and Grab
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Forming a hugely popular screen partnership during the inter-war years, dapper comic player Jack Buchanan and musical star Elsie Randolph bring a characteristic elan to this stylish and entertaining crime caper from the late 1930s. Directed by Q Planes' Tim Whelan, Smash and Grab (released in the US as Larceny Street) is presented here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements and in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.John Forrest, an insurance investigator with a weakness for model railways, is on the trail of a gang of smash-and-grab thieves targeting Europe's most prestigious jewellers. As the chase leads him to Ireland, Forrest finds he needs help – and who better to call upon than his impossibly elegant, highly capable wife, Alice?SPECIAL FEATURE:Image GalleryOriginal Pressbook PDF

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The Ambulance Man and the Spanish Civil War: Fo...
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The true story of the Canadian doctor and ambulance driver that came to help a city in exodus. Try to imagine the city of Malaga is to be evacuated overnight. A total of 150,000 people will have to walk 200 kilometers along the coastal road in search of a safe refuge while being pursued by Italian tanks, bombed by German aircraft, and shelled by Rebel Nationalist ships. Unarmed men, women, and children will be shot from planes or killed by blasts from the boats that pursue them offshore; their bodies will be left at the roadside, abandoned to the chaos and inhumanity of adults at war. There will be little food, transport, or fresh water. Nourished only by hope and driven by fear, exposed to the elements and to enemy fire, they will walk through the day and through the night. Many will be too weak to reach the safe port of Almería and will only survive because an ambulance and a Canadian doctor come to help. A doctor who will later be accused of spying and betrayal and will be unwillingly pushed out of Spain by the very people he had come to assist.The Forgotten Stories from Spain series brings you accounts of human bravery and spirit at a moment of unleashed cruelty during the Spanish Civil War. These stories of cooperation have a universal message that remains as relevant to the world today as it was in Spain during the 1930s. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Paul Read. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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